What are we already doing as a church?

One of the first things a church fellowship can do is to consider what they are already involved in. The URC is renowned for the work
we do in the community – from lunch clubs to mums and toddlers’ groups, coffee mornings to foodbanks – we already do lots!

Sometimes we need to step back and reflect on what we are already doing and why. What are we doing well? What can we do better? What needs to end?

Sometimes it’s not about doing something big, radical and new. It could simply be a change of direction; using what we are already doing and doing it better or differently.

Consult with the synod team via the mission enabler

The Synod “Way Forward” emphasises the need to find a sustainable future for our churches and adaptability and creativity are key to this. The Synod has a team of people with a wealth of gifts and experiences to help churches take steps to begin their mission journey from church to community.

The Synod mission enabler is there to do exactly that – to enable mission! To walk alongside churches and to support them to discover their purpose, their mission and to help discover the gifts within and without the church that can help serve the Kingdom of God in that place!

They are available to run workshops, elders’ meetings, church meetings and to help build capacity for mission and are willing to walk alongside congregations as they work through this process.

Speak to our Synod team today!

We can offer advice, support and encouragement to local congregations at any stage of their journey from funding to property, vision to engagement - we are here to help!