Over the last few years Sunday@thepub has met in local pubs in and around the coast. We have shared life together, to chat about life issues and spirituality and to develop an intentional Christian community. Beachcomber FX is a new type of faith community which is being developed on the North East coast linked to the North Shields and Whitley Bay Methodist Circuit.

Rob Wylie is the Fresh Expressions Enabler for the North Shields and Whitley Bay Methodist Circuit and writes about Sunday@thepub:


For more years than I care to remember now I have loved ‘pub culture’, I love its informality, its laid back nature, I love the characters that frequent such places and above all I think I’m a bit of beer snob! I love real ale.

It seems to me that gathering around food and drink is what it is to begin to experience community. I believe that is what Sunday@thepub is all about… it’s about trying to build community, and so as we build community we are able to share things about life and faith.
Sunday@thepub is organic and relational in its make-up and as we have met we have tried to keep that at its heart; but we have also developed intentional conversations, this has led us to chat and share together reflecting on lots of different issues, from faith to politics and everything in-between. As part of our weekly gatherings we post a reflection that we discuss each week and you will find this on the website and also on Facebook.
We meet each week in a different pub around the North East coast, we are currently meeting in the following venues:
1st Sunday of the month – The Sportsman Preston Village.
2nd Sunday of the month – The Cumberland, Tynemouth.
3rd Sunday of the month – Cullercoats Crescent Club.
4th Sunday of the month – Red House Farm NE25 9XJ
5th Sunday of the month (when it doesn’t clash with bank holidays! – Curry evenings.
We meet at 8.00pm each Sunday night and try to wrap up conversation by 9.30.

For more information please contact Rob:


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