Story from St James’ URC Alnwick

Developing a Church Vision


Each church, led by the Spirit, will design its own process for developing its vision. As a stimulus, the following example, from St James’s, Alnwick, outlines the process embarked on by that church.

A daily prayer was written and distributed to everyone in the church family.
Next, a full day’s elders’ meeting, led by a member of the synod team, was held to take stock of where the church was as a family and to share dreams on building the church of the future. These dreams were captured on wooden bricks to be built around “Christ, as the cornerstone”.

Led by the same member of the synod team, a half day’s church meeting was  held, including adherents and young people, and the process from the elders’ meeting was replicated. House meetings with elders’ pastoral groups were subsequently held to engage more people in the process to discern their views on the church of the future.

In tandem with the house meetings a community audit was conducted, including an audit of the community engagement of other churches in the community.

Subsequently, a team was appointed to draft a vision for the church, based on  all the inputs.

The draft vision was presented to elders and church meeting and accepted as…

“St James’s will be a welcoming church, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, focused on outreach and support within our local community and beyond.”



Eternal God, we thank you and  praise your name.

We give thanks for the many people who have given of themselves over the years to serve you in this church and we give thanks for the fellowship we have found here.

We pray for all those in our church who give of their time and talents to serve in your name.

As we seek a new vision for St James’s, may your lead and strengthen us.

May we discern your will and your way to be a vital presence in our community through service, fellowship and witness.

May we reach out beyond the walls of our church, caring for your children around the world, this we ask in Christ’s name.


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