September/October 2019 Newsletter

The phrase ‘journey of discovery’ is used by Alan Yates in his article below, capturing something significant within the pieces in this latest issue of Footsteps. Part of the joy of the Christian journey of faith is discovering new landscapes, whether those are the landscapes within our being, or outside, around us. Sometimes , as in pilgrimage, we experience change both within and without. I hope you find a sense of movement, of dynamism, of change and growth in the subtext of what follows.

This is, after all, the hallmark of the Christian experience: both at an individual and congregational level. Enjoy the following page, and my prayer is that the energising Holy Spirit will move you along your journey too into a new landscape, both within and without.

As Hymn 547 in Rejoice and sing runs:
‘Foxes have places to go’,
The Lord says,
‘But I’ve no home here below’,
The Lord says.
‘So if you want to be with me all your days,
Keep up the moving and travelling on,
You’re the people of God.’
‘So every day, we’re on our way,
For we’re travelling, wandering race,
We’re the people of god.’

As ever and in Christ,

September 2019

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