Northern Synod announces the Footsteps community toolkit

We were delighted to launch the new Footsteps community toolkit programme at Synod in March. The toolkit programme invites every Church and Church member to embark on a Mission journey from Church to community by engaging with all, or part, of the toolkit.

The toolkit is made up of four parts, the first being this website. Here you will find:

  • A step-by-step guide to identify the gifts we have amongst us, and to share these with one another, on our ‘Home’ page
  • Interesting community engagement news stories on our ‘Good News Stories’ page
  • General ‘News’ stories from the Synod
  • Advice, support and encouragement on our ‘Fresh Expressions’ page
  • The latest monthly Footsteps newsletter here URC Synod Newsletter
  • Our printed brochure here Footsteps Brochure _V16-2 (003)

The second part of the toolkit is a printed brochure, of which five copies are distributed to every Church: one for distribution to the Elders, another to the person responsible for leading Mission projects in the Church, and three copies for members to share and read.

Thirdly, a closed Facebook page has been created for members to engage with one another, share advice and if in difficulty, seek help from the Synod team. You can join the group by visiting

Lastly we have relaunched our newsletter ‘Footsteps’. A full version of the newsletter will be sent electronically to each church secretary every month. You can also view it online here:URC Synod Newsletter

We hope you enjoy being part of this new journey with us.

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