Consult with the synod team via the mission enabler

The Synod “Way Forward” emphasises the need to find a sustainable future for our churches and adaptability and creativity are key to this. The Synod has a team of people with a wealth of gifts and experiences to help churches take steps to begin their mission journey from church to community.

The Synod mission enabler is there to do exactly that – to enable mission! To walk alongside churches and to support them to discover their purpose, their mission and to help discover the gifts within and without the church that can help serve the Kingdom of God in that place!

They are available to run workshops, elders’ meetings, church meetings and to help build capacity for mission and are willing to walk alongside congregations as they work through this process.

Contact Jane at: .


The Synod has released some of its financial resources to help churches engage in mission effectively. These come in the form of church property grants and mission grants. Details of how to apply for these can be found by following the link below.

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Mission Grants

The aim of the mission fund is to enable the churches of Northern Synod to be lively, informed and effective in being the church in their local setting, in the light of the five marks of mission.

There are two categories of grants:

Small grants, up to £10,000

Large grants, from £10,000 to £50,000

Please refer to the “Get in touch” section for any other enquires about Mission Grants.

Mission related “Building Buddy” advice

If your Church is planning a Mission project that requires remodelling of your buildings, and you are seeking advice, please contact:

Ian Buchanan

Convenor, Synod Property Sub Group at:

Please copy your enquiry to the Trust Officer, Andrew Atkinson. Andrew can forward your request to another member of the sub group in Ian’s absence.

The Synod has a recommended list of property contractors. If you would like to obtain a copy of the list please contact Andrew Atkinson at



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