Foreword by the moderator

These are exciting times in the life of the United Reformed Church. I believe there is a fresh movement of God’s Spirit encouraging us as individuals, local congregations and wider groupings to re-focus on mission and discipleship. This is not confined to the United Reformed Church, but is becoming evident simultaneously across the whole church in western Europe.

Evidence for such a movement in The United Reformed Church comes through ‘Walking the Way’€™, a new national resource which sets a vision of discipleship for God’€™s people today; and also through another more familiar trajectory, Northern Synod’s ‘Way Forward’€, encouraging all who are part of the United Reformed Church across Northern Synod to reconsider the ministry of the whole people of God, along with fresh groupings of congregations.

As we embrace new ways of understanding who we are and what we can be and do, these resources help us on our way. Two new initiatives to inspire, challenge and encourage within the life of our Synod are the ‘Growing Leaders’ course, and ‘Footsteps’€.

‘€œFootsteps’€ was launched at our March 2018 Synod. Details on joining the Facebook group or downloading our toolkit that can be found below.

Why Footsteps?

I love the title: ‘€œFootsteps’€. Footsteps come about when our feet are planted firmly on the ground, when we are ‘€˜earthed’; very appropriate since this particular resource helps us in our ongoing adventure of faith as congregations called to serve Christ in our respective communities. How do we earth the good news of Jesus in the neighbourhoods we are called to share God’€™s love?

‘Footsteps’€ is a good way to share ideas and practice; a resource to help all in our congregations keen to engage in mission-based outreach. In addition to the website you are now reading, ‘€œFootsteps’€ includes a booklet and Facebook group: providing valuable opportunities for a greater cross pollination across our congregations through stories and advice to encourage one another as we reach out in Christ’€™s name to the communities around us.

Absorb the following, be affirmed in what you are already doing, be challenged by fresh approaches, and I trust and pray “Footsteps” will help you to enjoy and embrace sharing God’s touch of transforming love in new and exciting ways as together we reach out in Christ’s name to a world aching for justice, peace, wholeness, healing, a sense of self-worth and of belonging.


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